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How can I find out about an application and Interview for MIVAC?

To access our online application and complete instructions, visit the Student Application QuickLink page.
Since there are different requirements for the various departments, it is important to carefully review the requirements for the area to which you intend to apply. Admission interview are never scheduled until completed applications are received and reviewed.

Do I need Academic qualifications in order to apply?

If you are interested in applying for certain courses, you would be required to have specific qualifications for the individual program. The C&G Level 1 in Accounting, Bricklaying, Hair Dressing & Barbing, do not require any formal qualification.
MIVAC is a conservatory offering pre-professional training in its programs for Bookkeeping & Accounts, Computerised Account, Computerised Payroll, CAT, IJMB, CBT training, Remedial English & Maths, AAT(UK) Level1, Bricklaying, Hair Dressing & Barbing.
With a highly competitive applicant pool, only about 50per cent of our applicants are accepted (it may be more or less for an individual program); therefore, only those students who are best qualified to fill our limited places will be admitted. As is the case for many other colleges with competitive admission processes, some talented and deserving students who would undoubtedly benefit from our training may not be offered a place as a result of our limited openings.

What are the Admissions dates and deadlines?

The application becomes available September 1 and is due December 1 for most programs. The IJMB, CBT and Remedial Maths & English applications are due November 1 and December 15, respectively. For information about when other courses will take place, please refer to our entrance student application requirements page specific to the program to which you are applying. Unfortunately, MIVAC does not offer Sunday admission, but we do offer Bookkeeping & Accounts, Computerised Accounts, Computerised Payroll, Remedial Maths and English on Saturdays.

Are there specific courses that I should be taking or standardised test scores that are required in order to qualify?

Although MIVAC does carefully evaluate the transcripts and qualifications obtained by applicants, there are no specific courses require standardised test score besides IJMB and CBT. At MIVAC Transcripts are reviewed to determine the general background of an applicant and essays are required to help evaluate the intellectual and scholastic aptitude of prospective students. We do not require any standardised test scores such as the Grade A or Grade B, except of applicants who are taking professional courses. The greatest importance is placed on the required ability and attitude in which the student performs in MIVAC faculties.

Do I have to know someone, a teacher or administrator, in order to get admitted?

Absolutely not. One reason our admission process is so rigorous is to ensure that every applicant will be heard or seen in virtually identical settings. Selection interviews are attended by the faculty Heads of each department or Director. Decisions are reached by consensus of the entire department, not by the wishes of individual teachers. In fact, students are welcome to visit and/or tour the College before any interview in order to gain the greatest understanding of the opportunities available at MIVAC.

Can I major in three IJMB subjects such as Accounting, Business Studies and Economics only?

No. Although three major subjects may qualify you for the JAMB admission to a University, at MIVAC, you need to take one extra subject as ‘Insurance’ should anything go wrong in your exams. The curricular demands of each division of JAMB do not allow for less than THREE interdisciplinary majors. Students should refer to the IJMB Course Combination information for the appropriate degree courses of their choice in ‘QUICK LINK’.

Does MIVAC provide career counselling?

Yes, MIVAC has an excellent Office of Career Services. An advisor will meet individually with students and help them assess long-term career goals. Helping students build careers with jobs that utilise strengths, interests, personality, long-term goals, values, and desired lifestyle is the goal of career development. Placement services will act as a general clearing house for immediate employment opportunities for students who seek temporary employment while in college or following graduation.

Does MIVAC offer part-time classes?

Yes, MIVAC programs are both full-time and part-time courses or diploma programs. MIVAC does have a Saturday Pre-College program for advanced students from ages 14+ and an Evening Division for adult students who wish to take courses in the evening. These courses do not reflect the full-time curriculum and are not designed to prepare students for the full-time conservatory program.

What is your policy on the submission of supplemental materials?

We request that the submission of supplemental materials be submitted in accordance with the mailing instructions on the online application. Pre-screening materials, however, must be uploaded online or handed in to Admin Office.

Does MIVAC have a Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)?

No. Although mivac does carefully evaluate the transcripts and diplomas obtained by applicants, there are no specific GPAs, or class rank required. Transcripts are reviewed to ascertain scholastic competence sufficient to succeed in course work at the college level, and an English essay may be required to help evaluate the intellectual and scholastic aptitude of prospective students. Although greatest importance is placed on the required competence in which the student performs in MIVAC faculties, other elements of the application are critical in evaluation for admission.

Visiting MIVAC

How do I arrange a campus tour?

Tours are given once a day at 12:45 Monday through to Friday during the college year and Monday through to Saturday during the summer months. Reservations are necessary and can be made roughly a WEEK in advance. This can be done through our online tour calendar. If you are unable to secure a place on the tour, you are welcome to stop by the admissions office to pick up literature. Please be aware that the college is closed to visitors unless they are on a scheduled visit.

Do I need to make an appointment to attend a tour?

Yes, appointments are necessary as there is a limited amount of place on tours of MIVAC.

What will I see on the tour?

Visitors on the scheduled tour will see: ‘recital’ space, practice rooms, Computer rooms, the block making factory, barbing and hairdressing classrooms, and will be walked through the MIVAC building.

Do I need to schedule an interview with an admissions representative?

Yes. MIVAC does require interviews for admission. If, after carefully reviewing the website, you have any specific questions, you may email the appropriate address for your intended course (either admissions@mivac.com.ng, michaelolakunbi@mivac.com.ng, oluseunagboola@mivac.com.ng or emmanuelojo@mivac.com.ng) or call the Admissions Office at 08078937913, to make an appointment with a representative in your area of interest.

Campus Life

Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes, orientation is required of all new students.

What happens during new student orientation and registration?

Orientation is an opportunity for new students to meet each other as well as staff, faculty members, and returning students. During this time, new students become acquainted with MIVAC. Workshops and presentations address topics such as safety, diversity, health, financial aid, and student life at MIVAC. Students also take this time to obtain Textbooks & stationaries, register for courses, and attend departmental meetings.

Where can I find out about safety on MIVAC campus?

We appreciate that safety is an important concern for our students and their families. Further information are provided by our Office of Student Affairs.

What types of facilities and services are available in the College?

  • A team of excellent education practitioners specialising in Vocational Education.
  • Career counselling.
  • State of the art Computer & IT system.
  • Internet Café.
  • Block making Plant.
  • Well Equipped Barbing & Hair Dressing Salon.
  • Well equipped Libraries.
  • Stationery shop.
  • Toilets.